The Face of Another

A Film By Hiroshi Teshigahara
Japan, 1966
Japanese w. English Subtitles

“By the time the movie is over you’ll want to rush to a mirror to spend a few minutes staring at yourself.”

In the disquieting landscape of post-war Tokyo, director Hiroshi Teshigahara brings to life the psychological tour de force “The Face of Another.” This avant-garde science fiction masterpiece, based on the novel by Kobo Abe, explores the profound existential crisis of an anonymous man whose disfigured face becomes the canvas for a provocative experiment in identity and empathy.

Shot in crisp black and white, this cinematic exploration of the human condition remains a thought-provoking and visually arresting experience, inviting audiences to peer into the depths of one man’s quest for identity and the unforeseen consequences of wearing “The Face of Another.”