A Film By Ishirō Honda‎
Japan, 1954
Japanese w. English Subtitles

“…a portrait of a country less than a decade removed from the horrors of the atomic bomb, reckoning – in a movie that is still fun and thrilling – with that trauma..”
-Film Spotting

Before Godzilla fought Kong or Mothra in 4K, he rose out of the sea and changed sci-fi films forever as an allegory for the follies of a nuclear world. We’re showing the very first film in the iconic franchise. See Ishirô Honda’s original smash hit classic that brought to life the unstoppable dinosaur-like creature hell-bent on destroying Tokyo.

The Godzillympics
7:35 pm – March 20 – $15
Smash buildings, throw boulders, and… pin the tail on Godzilla. It’s the Godzillympics. A fun, Row House Original event with monstrously awesome prizes. Just sign up when you arrive and you could be called onstage to compete! Or just kick back and enjoy the spectacle!