A Film By Ishirō Honda‎
Japan, 1954
Japanese w. English Subtitles

“…a portrait of a country less than a decade removed from the horrors of the atomic bomb, reckoning – in a movie that is still fun and thrilling – with that trauma..”
-Film Spotting

Before Godzilla fought Kong or Mothra in 4K, he rose out of the sea and changed sci-fi films forever as an allegory for the follies of a nuclear world. We’re showing the very first film in the iconic franchise. See Ishirô Honda’s original smash hit classic that brought to life the unstoppable dinosaur-like creature hell-bent on destroying Tokyo.

Whiskey Tasting  with Cure
7:30 pm – March 26 – $14
In the last 20 years, the reputation, popularity, and availability of Japanese distilled whiskey has grown exponentially. We’ll have complimentary samples of several exemplary whiskeys available before this special screening of the 1997 serial killer thriller Cure.