Ox-Head Village

A Film By Takashi Shimizu
Japan, 2022
Japanese w. English Subtitles

“ Ox-Head Village…incorporates an eclectic mix of terrifying myth, grim social reality, and cultural beliefs.”
-High on Films

New from director Takashi Shimizu comes an eerie and creepy film you’d expect from a modern master of Japanese horror.  Having launched a social media prank about a haunted building, three girls suddenly vanish. Rumours circulate that they were victims of The Ox-Head Village curse, triggering an investigation by two of their friends, desperate to find the truth about what has happened…

Saké Tasting with Ox-Head Village

10 pm – March 18 – $19
Sample a few types of saké — or Japanese rice wine — and learn about the wide range of flavor profiles distillers create before watching the new spooky film Ox-Head Village.