A Film By Makoto Nagahisa
Japan, 2019

On a bright, beautiful day, four young strangers meet at a crematorium. They all watch as their recently deceased parents’ remains go up in smoke. Only 13 years old, each has been orphaned in different, albeit equally horrifying ways (freak accidents, murder, the usual). Most importantly, none of them feel a thing—little zombies, as they say. The four do the only thing a group of kids with no family, no emotions, and no future could: scrap together a killer rock band. Faced with lots of adults who just don’t understand—and plenty of kids who do—Hikari, Ikuko, Ishi, and Takemura set out on an epic quest to regain their feelings.

Over-saturated pop imagery reminiscent of everything from early hand held video games to New Wave cinema spark the senses, serving as a hilariously incongruous background to the deadpan band of teens. Original songs as catchy as they are idiosyncratic accent a wacky, but always compassionate script. Like Scott Pilgrim for a more traumatized and increasingly over-stimulated generation, WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES bursts with fresh, frenzied energy as this spectacular debut feature explores grief, loss, and finding oneself in vivid color.

Japanese with English Subtitles

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