A Film By Kaneto Shindô
Japan, 1968
Japanese w. English Subtitles

“There’s a witchy, atmospheric timelessness to the movie that extends well past the unadorned sets.”
-The Boston Globe

In the ethereal realm between horror and fantasy, “Kuroneko” unfolds a tale of revenge and supernatural intrigue in ancient Japan. Directed by Kaneto Shindo, this atmospheric masterpiece weaves a haunting narrative that blurs the lines between the living and the dead.

Set during the turbulent Muromachi period, the story revolves around Yone (Nobuko Otowa) and her daughter-in-law Shige (Kiwako Taichi), who fall victim to a band of marauding samurai. Brutally attacked and left for dead, their spirits are not so easily extinguished. Resurrected by mysterious forces, they transform into vengeful spirits who seduce and slay wandering samurai by night.

Trash Cat Rescue Night
5:20 pm – March 20 – $12 per film
Meet adorable adoptable cats from Trash Cat Rescue in the lobby before screenings of Kuroneko (5:20 pm) and House (7:30 pm) — both terrific Japanese horror films that heavily feature feline fiends.