A Film By Fuminori Kizaki
Japan, 2019

From the director of Afro Samurai and the studio that brought you Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, HUMAN LOST is the newest and darkest reimagining of Dazai’s 1940s masterpiece No Longer Human, the all time second-best selling novel in Japan.

The year is 2036. Medical advances have come so far that humans are guaranteed a 120-year lifespan free from illness—if they can afford access to the lifesaving nanobots, that is. For everyone else, the future is still a bleak one full of pollution and wealth disparity; so much so, that elites live on “The Inside,” separate from their disadvantaged counterparts. When depressed artist Yozo Oba penetrates the wealthiest’s inner sanctum, something strange occurs, imbuing the have-not with power that could destroy or save mankind.

Fans of sci-fi anime staples such as Psycho-Pass and Ghost in the Shell will appreciate the film’s dystopian cyberpunk world-building, full of both despair and hope for the human race. Futuristic Tokyo vistas and exhilarating action sequences are presented in gorgeous 3D computer animation, immersing us in a sinister world that is both familiar and unseen. Is death a necessary part of being human? Do we forsake our humanity by avoiding it? And if we aren’t human—what are we?

Japanese with English Subtitles

Special Events
March 21st @ 7pm

Our friends Tekko will be at the festival along with TEKKOBOT for screenings of the awesome anime Human Lost and Weathering With You. Come say hi and have the chance to win passes to Tekko 2020!!!!