Friday, March 29th


Opening Night Film
Pittsburgh Premiere

A Film By Yûki Kumagai
Japan, 2018

Lost in Ramen (Ramen Kuitee) follows three people as they endure hardships in their lives and intersect at Seiran Restaurant ramen shop. Marie is a high school student who falls into depression and suicidal thoughts after being bullied by her classmates; after Akashi’s wife dies, he closes the ramen shop they owned together; and Akahoshi gets into a car accident and is left lost in the wild.

All of these stories meet at the Seiran Restaurant, and through the healing powers of food and friendship they learn to overcome and cope with the difficulties that have saddled their lives. Based on the web comic by Akiteru Hayashi and directed by Yûki Kumagai, Lost in Ramen is a heartfelt story looking at how people move on in life and embrace their future, all with the assistance of delicious ramen.

Japanese with English Subtitles